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My Tanks

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Here are my tanks - sorry the pics are not so great!

This is the tropical tank in my kitchen:


The next one is another tropical which only has one fish whose name is "Norm" (short for Ginormous). ?This guy has tons of personality - I luvs him! He's hard to photograph!


Next is one of the goldfish tanks which I've taken some decor out of to put into my new 75g:


Here is my new 75g. ?I have not planned out the decor for it yet so it's just got stuff in it from other aquariums and things I had collected over the years. ?I'm leaning towards real plants because I love, love, love some of the tank pics posted on this forum. ?I have done real plants before but they were in that first tank I pictured and was a pain in the neck to keep up - especially because "big stripy boy" (whose pictured in there) tore the plants up!



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