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Lavender Telescope Fry

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Thanks all! I culled out 10 more since those pics were taken. The eyes are starting to develope now. Some more so than others. Right now the biggest thing going on is quite a few fused tails. Nicely shaped and all but fused. Won't be culling those tho' as it doesn't matter since they aren't being raised for show but pets.As to what they are being fed just about everthing. They get Hikari First Bites,Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs,Frozen Baby Brine Shrimp,Dried Daphnia Micro-Flakes,Freeze dried Rotifers,GP Artemia Replacement Diet,Omega One Goldfish Flakes crumbled,soaked ProGold pellets as well as gel food containing a mix of those foods plus Freeze dried Krill and Bloodworms crumbled and mixed in. They also like Zuccini and oranges.They truly are swimming appetites,lol.

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