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Red Spots

El Pez

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I have had my ranchu goldfish, Filbert, now for a number of weeks but I bought him with a swim badder problem and was able to make him healthy again but now for some reason he has developed light red(almost rings) kind of under his skin. They look a little like blood blisters. It started when I went away for the weekend and had my boyfriend (el paz) look after him while I was gone. He said that while I was gone the algae eaters attacked Filbert and when I first arrived home I saw that they had sucked the fins (or what looks like) off the base of his tail. Then he started to develope the red blotches so last night I put him into a separate tank with new water, a little salt, and Pimafix (which is said to work for fungus, internal and external bacteria) and I just woke up this morning and he was lying belly up not moving. So I immediately put him back in his original tank which has been stable now for months hoping that will help. I don't know what to do from here or what it is that is wrong. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

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