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All The Fun Of The Tank

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I havent posted pics for a while so here are some updates

This is how you fly


Butter wouldn't melt!


Intense conversation


Mika:- Bluey what are you doing

Bluey:-New swimming style, you should try it

Mysti:-Oi, Im swimming here


You talkin' to me


It was them, not me, Im innocent


Chilling in the grass


Me and my Boyf


Aint I cute


Im a handsome boy, even if I say so myself


Now you see me, now you dont


Mika:-Shes at it again




Argh Plant, turn turn


Tiny, me??




Im staying here




First shot All together in the new tank


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Thank you everyone, I wanted to cheer myself as I had to work very early this morning!!

Thanks Chrissy, I love calicos, and her personality is one of a kind!!

I prefer this tank to the bow front that I had, easier to get pics of them too!!

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Guest ellie325

Hi, your fish are beautiful!

I was just wondering where you buy them from because I am currently at Liverpool University and would love to know what shop you get them from if you get them here? I get most of my fish from where my parents live in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire and they aren't the best quality. I would love to know a shop where you can buy goldies as stunning as yours!

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Thank you for your nice comments

ellie: Tiny Tim, Blue oranda came from a small pet shop in Formby, they have some nice fish in. Fletch the shubby and Mysti the big orange orginally came from Pets at home stores and Bluey, calico oranda and Mika, orange and white originally came from Maidenhead Aquatics in sefton meadows (treabaron), near to crosby.

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The water is hard work!! lol. I have to use a buffer, which does it to 7.2, I also use crushed coral in my external. Ihave nitrates from my tap, so I use a resin in the filter to, and between those and the plants the water seems to stay stable!

Thank you, Bluey has some strange swimming styles! (and sleeping habits) :D

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