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Pink Skunk Clownfish/anemonefish


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After a a day of touring various aquarium shops in the city, I'm totally almost definitely maybe thinking about considering starting the long process of setting up a saltwater tank. At first I thought I was too stupid to own marine fish, but I'm currently feeling self-confident about my intelligence so I'm riding that wave of "I can do eet!" attitude.

I saw some little fish called Pink Skunk Clownfish and totally fell in love with the little guys. I mean, they are powder-pink, come on. http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/clownfish/pinkskunk.php

I've got an empty, used 20 gal aquarium (How did that happen, I know!!) that I am going to slowly equip with saltwater stuff. If I have a pair of these guys and not much else besides a few "easy" corals, I think that 'll be ok. Maybe a goby or something too, but nothing crazy.

Does anyone have these fish, or know much about them? Will I be tearing my hair out over them, or are they a good choice for a beginner??

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I LOVED my pink skunkies!! As far as clowns go, they aren't one of the more aggressive species. And contrary to popular belief, they do not require an anemone or coral to host in. They will host in anything they can, including caves and behind filters.

In a 20 gal, I probably wouldn't try to put any other fish with them. Like all clowns, they will get much bigger than what you see in the stores (about 3-4"). They are very territorial but have great personalities. When we set our tank back up again, we plan to get more pinks. :)

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