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How Much Gal?

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I'm looking to buy a new tank but need to make a quick decision before tomorrow

SO i need your help

Roughly how much gallons of water fit in a tank 400mH400mmD800mmW ?????

Much help plz


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I found this link from one of the members, I think it was gunbunnij :D great site you should have no problem there, Others may have useful sites or formulas that work great as well. This converter works great. Just remember to measure where your water line is going to be, when measuring height, not top of frame :)


I got 32 Gallons! Works great. Most tanks advertise a certain volume, but when taking home and filled the gallon age can be off. I measure exactly with my measuring bucket so that I know exactly how much is in there to my fill line. That way when I add medication I know exactly how much to add. I don't want to over medicate: very bad for the fish!

Hope this helps :)

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