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Prazi & Fry


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If you have parasite problems you have few choices. The parasites will kill the fry in short order. If it is a choice between PRazi and salt, I will take the Prazi every time. I have used Prazi for flukes in fry approximately 1/2 in total length. I do not have the notebook pages right in front of me, but that is a young fry. The fry were too tiny to scrape or to necropsy, so I cannot tell you how many fry may have died of PRazi as opposed to fry that died of flukes, but I can say that the fry stopped dying in short order. I chalked this up to the removal of the flukes - and the ones that died, died of flukes.

I have also used a lower level of salt on slightly larger fry. Fry that were already compromised in one fashion or another did not make it. Once again, I do not know how much the salt was a factor and how much was from the ich I was fighting. I did conquer the ich and the fry that survived (well over 75%) did just fine with no visible sideeffects.

If you have flukes and fry, I would DEFINATELY use the Prazi. I would not cut the strength or dose schedule. Go for it. Flukes KILL. Prazi does not. If a fish is carrying such a load of gill flukes that the gills have been seriously damaged, the fish may or may not survive whether or not you treat. Sometimes Prazi can make a fish appear worse for a bit - as all the gill flukes die and produce a "shock" type reaction in a SERIOUSLY infested fish. A compromised, young or otherwise weak fish may not survive that - but I chalk that up to the parasites, not the Prazi.

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