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Seachem Vs. A.p.

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Guest inkxaviary


I wound up buying a seachem PhAlert thinger for my tank because I got anxious waiting for my PH kit to arrive from ebay. I finally got it yesterday and I have found myself in a curious predicament.

The Seachem PhAlert says my tank Ph is 7.0 (maybe a little higher I think somewhere around 7.2, it's inbetween colors). And it has been in the tank for about 4 days now.

My A.P. kit says it's 6.2 (but I am having touble reading the color chart vs. water).

Also I got a seachem Amonia alert thing that says the amonia leves are just fine, and the tank is at a steady 70 degrees.

Basically I'm curious as to how accurate either tests are and which one should I heed?

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I also would agree to go with the test kits (assuming they're drop tests!)

Now, based on that, I would be very concerned about your low ph. 6.2 is not good for goldies; however, that being said, please don't use ph up products to raise the ph as they are temporary and a fluctuating ph is worse than a low ph. Adding something slow and long-lasting, such as crushed coral or shells, is a much better approach. Do another test first and make sure you do it exactly right and can read the results clearly before proceeding to raise your ph.

Is the Seachem Ammonia Alert the only test you have to monitor your ammonia levels? If so, I would very strongly suggest you buy drop test kits for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates and test daily if your tank is new or weekly if your tank is already cycled.

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