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Planting Aquarium Plants The Easy Way

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not sure if anyone has posted this before...

When using Jungle Antibac Meds in floating pellet form with upside down fish?

Please turn it into gel food...talk about 30 mins of stress free!

Basically heat some dechlorinated water....about 1/3 cup and heat it in the microwave till boiling. Dump jar of antibac into water...wait about 3 minutes and start mushing and stirring. Heat up about 1/3 cup water in microwave....dechlorinate....add and dissolve q pack gelatin in this piece of the puzzle, once dissolved, add de-lumped antibac. Fridgerate till set!

Talk about easy in the whole...easy mode!

it's never officially been put as a tip that I know of but I've done this b4 and it's a great idea. too bad I didn't think of submitting it for TOTM! :doh11:

(oh and shouldn't your tip be put in the TOTM part of the forum and just link to it like hpsauce did??)

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