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When Will Breeding Begin?

Guest jodeoh60

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Guest jodeoh60

Hello, this is my first post and I may be in the wrong spot for asking this question:

I kept my 55 gal tank at 60F and 4 hrs of light for two months, then increased the lighting to 14 hrs per day and the temp to 75F over two weeks. My six 3yo lionheads chase each other in the early morning only, then no action later. How long after breaking from their winter "dormancy" of short days and cold water with heavy protein meals will they begin to spawn? The females are obviously heavy with egg, but the males have no tubercles. Water quality is excellent, with frequent 10 and 20% changes. They continue to feed heavily Thanks !!!

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WElcome. :)

It could happen anytime. Your water may not have been cold enough. Did you have a period of fasting - at least 2 weeks? I have beent old that the optimum light timing is 17 hours a day.

Other than that, fish will most commonly spawn at dawn of a day of storms - as the air pressure changes. My best suggestion is to lengthen your light to as close to 17 hours as possible, look on the weather forecast for storms and start changing about 50% of the water every day for at least 4 days leading up to the storm. Make sure you add in the spawning mats/grass. Then check for eggs at dawn of the storm.

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