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Oscar Is Upside Down Again


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Keeping checking your water stats. Looks like a small cycle bump occured with the filter change. You may have to do water changes for a while she seems to be a bit sensitive. Some fish just are sensitive!!

Oh FYI....you changed your screen name and it took me FOREVER to figure it out! What a dummy I am sometimes! ;) You still interested in Sunshine's fish? I finally got a hold of her and told her to check threads!!

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Her coat is all whitish looking. I guess I need Stress Coat? I have never used it. I am looking at another 50% WC. It looks like this is going to be my ritual for a bit. I checked levels this morning. Nitrates are starting to creep so maybe I'll do 60-90%. It has been a while.

Always interested in new fish. I am getting a 55 soon and I could use another pair soon. I could do some rearranging and have them in an 18 until I get the 55. I have Rick at my LFS pretty much ready to take my Molly fry.

So it would free up my 10 in which case I could move the Mollies and tetra there until the 55 and then the 27 would be for them. Sound confusing I'll bet. If there is another home then I think maybe she should go that route. There are so many experienced keepers here besides me who have homes for them :) I will take em though and love em :)) Sunshine if you are reading this then I just want you to know you will have a home for them :) I'll PM you in the meantime to see how you are. I know you have a lot of things on your plate.

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There are also parasites that can cause the slime coat to appear whitish - or spiderweb-ish.... not just pH abberations.....

Salt is a nice benign way to slow most parasites - and might help. Definately will not hurt.


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