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Baby Fry

Guest JR72

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yeah i remember you saying it fouls, but i figure like ive read jessica say she changes small amounts of the water a few times a day. im at home nearly all day and work at night so ill try it, until i can find a more reasonable FS. Hey slippery where in Aus are you, brisbane or somewhere?

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yeah i found a baster and put the tinniest pit of egg in, but your making me paranoid about the water, so im going for a drive to another FS, $5 a bottle of LF, does that sound ok?

and funny you mention pooing, nippy was up to his old tricks this morning, few nips, i fed them and it stopped, so it was a food issue. live and learn

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and where were you lsay night :rofl i needed a q answered an no slipprylittlesucker anywhere

with the LF, ive been diluting it with a tiny bit of water until i knew how much, i add like 4-5 drops 3 times a day, i cant tell if they are pooing, must be tiny poo :D

what do reckon about water changes? its been 2 days since i change 30%.

and 2 of them are free swimming now, all the time, hanging onto pieces of plant, i thought id lost em, but there they were swim swim swim.

the other 2 are still doing the short burst then sit for hours.

i nearly sure Razorback is the mother, i examined her today and her rear end does look alot like an outtie :) and nippy, must be the father, no one else in there hahahha, unless they self pregnate.

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alright so you worked it out

do you have any pics of your fish?

maybe change another 30% if it

starts to get cloudy

ive just cleaned my fry enclosure

i keep them in a foam container

the boxes the fruit shop throw away

its good because it is light and insulates heat, non toxic

and you can also use it to quarantine fish

or even store away you fish product neatly

the good thing is that its free

there was so much algae and poo

*stinky* glad i cleaned it all out

i was tired last night

had an early night snooze :zz

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hahha good to hear, no i havent taken pics yet, 2 small, but guess what i just got for 70 dollars?????

a 40gl tank with a powerhead filter, and a sparepump, he wanted a hundred and i gave him 70 :panana:panana

now i have to clean it, where do i start. arghhhhhhhhhhh

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awesome fishies man. congrats

god im excited hahhaha tank looks awesome and even better it didnt leakkkkk :panana

ive read the cylce thing ill try some of it tonight but i have no ammonia in the house and im not pissing in there hahahhahaha

but i was thinking, ill add some filter floss from one of my other tank, some gravel, just some, and run it overnite, do think reckon bio spra works well?

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bio spra is suppose to be good stuff

with quick tank cycling

so you dont have to wait

but havent used the product

actually im glad i got a pond coz i dont have to deal with

too many of those issue

i just wack in the filter start

leave my bio filter running for a few days

and then get those fishies in

the only disadvantage is more cleaning

i dont use filter floss or activated carbons

i try to use as little products as possible ;)

imagine peeing into the tank

the goldies sure wont thank you for it nor

the smell thats left behind :rofl

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so you dont use carbon or filter media? is it bad to try and boost everything along. what about a small amount of gravel. i want the tank set up b4 i decorate it or add fish

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ive got a little bit of gravel

it was stuck to the pond when i bought it

but due to the sun heating it everyday a lot has fallen off

due to its daily expansion and contraction

best decoration are plants, marbles and things that are different

like ive got some egg shaped stones which lit up in water

there nice and ive also got a couple of fake frogs

use to scare those kiddies who try to overfeed my fish

hehe :lol:

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hhahahahha well ive biten the bullet and added some floss, gravel, and a small amount of cycled water, see how it goes. I know the babies are hanging to get in there, i must be teasing them :D

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