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Baby Fry

Guest JR72

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Hey guys I found eggs a week ago and put them aside to see what happened, well they are in there and I see 5 eggs all with baby fry in them, and most of them moving, prob is I actually see one fry hatched with no sack left, not moving(i think),

just wondering if he is dead :o would it still be sitting on the bottom, or float? silly Q i know but i never raised fry b4.

save the little ones.

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WOW one jus hatched and swam around hahahhaha thats wicked, the other still no movement ive seen but is facing the other way? tricky little dude

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stay calm!

firstly where did you keep them?

make sure they don't get sucked up the filter

there very weak swimmers at this stage?

remove the other fish if any

dont feed them because they have a yalk sac

that supplies them with food

i think fry sink to the bottom when there dead

but i dont think your fish are dead

they will not move much for a few days

if you really want to make sure, just move something close to them

and see if they swim away

but dont do this too mcuh, it really stresses them out

normally when they hatch, it triggers the other eggs to hatch

so expect them all to hatch soon

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they are by themselves in a container, theyve been there for ages, the first one i found has changed directions but no real movement. the other one has swam around 3-4 times and then sits on the bottom for awhile. i do really see the sack thats been mentioned, very trippy watching this :lol: would the water killem if they hatched properly? ill change some if it helps but wouldnt that stress em out even more first day

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i wouldn't change too many things for the first few days

unless its absolutely necessary

after all there just starting to adjust to the water

thats why they don't move too much i assumed

how many eggs do you have altogether?

did you get to watch them hatch

i've never seen it happen before

also you better get some powder food

you have to feed them in a few days :D

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i have 3 swimming the dead one isnt dea and i saw 2 hatch in front of me and im watching another trying to get through its egg. wicked to watch. actually i think there is a few smaller ones, so in total 7. i changed alittle water as was orinally from the main tank and a week old, they seem ok. ill try the FS for food but i have a boiled egg, what do you reckon? i have shrimp, but not yeah huh?

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you got to be careful

when feeding egg yolk

it can quickly cloud the water( ive tried it)

so if you decide to try ti, use very small amounts at a time, like a little pinch

i dislike egg yolk and i mnormally feed them to my goldies and frys

do you mean brine shrimps

i haven't tried them yet but i heard it wonderful stuff

especially for frys

when the fry break out of the eggs, do there head come out first?

tell me what happens, im interested to know?

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yeah the head was sort of out then all in one hit it was out, almost like the egg split and it was free, mind you i was running over here to ask Q's so i was missing bits. :D

yeah baby brine shrimp, i have about a 100 going in a solution but i was wondering what now, should i maybe siphon them into the fry holder? but that has salt in it? would that hurt them if not ill do it, and how long do BBS last in the water with out salt, a few hours ive heard

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yeah thats a good idea

its sort of diluting the food

ive heard that you can get banana skin and immerse it

in water for a few days and feed it to the fish

but i don't know if it works or if it helps the fish grow

withyour frys how long does it take for them to hatch

other time i was going to watch them hatch

but i went to the shops came back and they all hatched

must be almost split second thing

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seems like a struggle then they wait, and then bang out they go, 1 has been going for an hour and still hasnt pooped out yet, he's getting close though, ive added 4 tiny pieces of egg, they swim around so i guess it a start

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you're not suppose to feed them for the first day

i thought you goig to feed them later like day 3

sorry aout that

i need to clarify this

they are feeding off the yolk sac and wont/cant eat anything else

until you see the yolk sac dissapear, you shouldn't feed them

it will only pollute the water

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your right, i hope i didnt make him sick in the small tank :o

but hey ill nurse him around, and atleast he is calm, ive just come home and he is grazing and still no nipping :rofl , and he has a name NIPPY

and the fry, there are 3 looking very good and a couple still to hatch, they are so cool, i never thought tiny little fish would be so interesting, i just hope i can feed them properly and watch them grow up, ive added nothing since we spoke and ill leave them tomorrow, ill try getting some fry food tomorrow as its payday as see how i go.

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I feed egg yolk as well as powdered food (waiting for brine shrimp to hatch)

So I take a bottle cap and fill it with the tank water that the fry are in. I take a pinch of my hard boiled egg yolk and put it into the bottle cap.

Then I smush it all around and get the pieces of egg as small as I can. I Try to make the egg pieces so small that I can't really see them. The water in the cap is now all cloudy with tiny bits.

I dump that in the tank. I leave it for a couple of hours, then syphon an leftovers with a turkey baster, very very carefully so as not to suck up any fry.

Then I repeat. A couple hours later I syphon again.

Then I repeat...I basically do that all day long.

My fry are really growing.

And my water is not fouled, 0 ammonia and nitrite.

Good luck with your little fry, and that must have been so cool to actually watch them hatch. I'm jealous! :lol:


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Awesome thanks Jessica, todays the day im feeding them, I think ill go with egg diluted, much cheaper, i was getting some LF and FS just put it an extra 3 dollars a bottle. 3 dollars in 2 days. my god im opening a FS they are rip offs

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