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I May Be Setting Up A Seahorse Tank!


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hehehe! I can't imagine a goldfish surviving in the wild. Not only because of the BRIGHT orange color, but also because.....well think about how much trouble they are to keep healthy in a closed system in a tank! I can't imagine how they would be in the wild!

I am imagining a Monk-ish spin-off with goldfish......"Ewww.......was that someone elses POOP floating around!?!?! O MY GOD! That was a bug.....ooooh don't let it touch me, God please don't let it touch me....... :cry :"


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I am really excited!

Steve has been trying to get me to do salt water for months now! I keep telling him, no, no....I like my goldfish! And besides, salt water has to be big and expensive and all that jazz...And I don't really like marine fish, they all look alike! Not like goldies, each one is so different......

Well, he finally convinced me to *maybe* set one up! with SEAHORSES!

Well, did you every get your SH? I saw some at the lfs today and wanted one!

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