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Pics Of All My Goldies

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Thought I'd share some pics of my goldies :)

First, my indoor guys:

This is Gilbert my chocolate Oranda


yeah, I've got a big tail


and I know I'm pretty


This is Nemo (as an aside, any advice on the reddened fins? Water chemistry is always perfect. Tried treating with Erythromycin, tried prazipro, no change. She acts completely healthy, edges aren't frayed, they're just red)



And Baloo, my little pearlscale



Next the new guys. They're in QT and being treated for bacterial fin rot. They'll be going into the pond I"m putting in this spring.

The lovely Stella (she's feeling much better already and is a very playful fish!)


I'm wondering if Stella has some oranda in her? It seems like she may have the start of a wen. Plus she's got the big, heavy, flowing fins of an oranda. Opinions?


hanging out in the 4" flower pot


Stanley's so handsome! He actually has 4 colours (white, black, red, and chocolate) - what do you call that?



I snapped pics of Betty and Bruce, the black moors, too, but they didn't really come out well (the tank water is tinted with meds, so it's just too dark for good pics of them).

You can see them in this vid clip though :)


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beautiful pics :)

stanley looks like he is wearing lipstick :P

gilbert has a lovely long tail.

ha ha baloo is very very cute


stella actually does look like she might have some oranda in her

you will have to wait till she matures some more though

but gr8 pics :goldfish:

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You really do have a nice looking group. I hope the outside guys are getting better.

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Nice pictures.

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What a tail Glilbert has! :rolleyes:

Nice goldies. :heart

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