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New Amano & Cherry Shrimps


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I got myself 2 amano and 2 cherry shrimps today to go in with my dwarf puffers new home. They get on well and Dj and Skoot, my DP's haven't even bothered with them which is great. The shrimp are fantastic cleaner uppers.....lol.

My biggest amano shrimp


one of my cherry shrimp as the other was hiding


My other amano


Thanks for looking :)

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My partner took a clip of my shrimp working at cleaning my tank. I think their great wee characters.

Here is a clip of My cleaner uppers

Some more pics:

Close up of shrimp


Having a rest


Close up of cherry shrimp


All shrimp together


A cherry shrimp eating pro gold


One of the amano shrimp enjoying the benefits of eating pro gold.......lol.


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ooh nice! i just set up my shrimp tank and got 6 ghost shrimp today. :)

did you get the amano and cherry shrimp from a local store or online?

i haven't seen any around here.

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I hope Dj & Skoot don't get hungry and eat em! :P how are those two doing these days? :)

They're doing great. I've got some pics of them on a post in their new 29g tank. I think they're looking good and seem happier in their new home :)

They swim away from the shrimp hee hee. Skoot is a very fussy eater and they're both well fed. They were curious about the shrimp at first but have never shown any aggression toward them.

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