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I Think My Goldfish Are Breeding?

Guest WillowXD

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Guest WillowXD


Hi, I'm new here, but not new to looking after gold fish, I have had gold fish for 6 years, and tropical for 3 years.

I got some new gold fish last year, and I did have all females in my tank already, but the new gold fish I got last year, are boys (I didn't know, in till now, its hared to find the sex of your goldfish). and now there breeding. I'm existed but scared at the same time. as I don't know what to do really, I have got a book on breeding and have a new tank set up for the baby's, so have set all set up, and my female fish are all fat and the male fish are all chasing the female fish.

I have 2 common gold fish, one female and 6 years old and the other is male and 1 year old

I have one black moor and its female and 1 and half years old

And I have 3 fantail gold fish, one is male and 1 year old and the other 2 are female and 1 and a half years old.

We it all started 2 weeks ago, when I came home, and my sister says "I think your fish have white spot" so I took a look, and it was only on the gill covers, and I thought that was strange as I have seen white spot before and it mostly starts on the fins. so I put some mediation in there, just encase. and nothing happened. then the next day the males was chasing one of my fantails around the tank, and she was big and I just thought she had ate to much food. and then she started to swim funny, so I put her in a breeding box (I had tropicl mollys be for and they breed like rabbets, giving off live young. and thats where I had the breeding box from), that goes on top of the water. as I didn't want her to get hurt and some of her scales was missing, and I thought that she was getting attacked, I kept her in there for 2 days, and she seemed a bit better, so I put her back in the the tank, and the males was chasing her again. so I put her back in the breeding box.

Then I went on holiday for a week, don't worry my parents was looking after my fish, and when I can back, and my mum said "I think they are breeding" so I looked it up on the net, and got a book on gold fish and it had a section on breeding. and it seemed they are trying to breed, but when I came back they was chasing each other, but I needed to clean the tank, so I did, and now they have stopped, Why?

and the big fantail female, was in a corner on the bottom of the tank, still fat, a but more fat than the last time I seen her. and they have stopped chasing her, but they are a bit interested in the black moor, like sniffing her butt, but that's it.

I have set up a fish bowl (that's all I had) for the baby's don't worry, its a big fish bowl, 20 gallons I think. and I have rocks in there, to keep some air in there and its in a warm room, on my dresser, so it has light getting to it, but its not by the window.

What should I do, there not doing any chasing but, the female are fat and the males have still got there breeding stars, but nothing, should I keep them in there normal tank, or move them to the breeding tank, so I don't have to try and move the eggs. as I don't want to hurt them.

I would like to have baby gold fish, but I don't want to hurt them or stress them out. so tell me where I'm going wrong!!!!

So please help me... and if you have any tips please tell me!!!

If you need pic's just ask and I can get some!!!

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