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Wow Are They Ever A Lot Of Work


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Who would have thought that little tiny fish could be so much work :rofl Good thing I have a lot of spare time on my hands :lol

I have to syphon the tank, it's a half filled 10 gal, and to clean the bottom it takes me a good 40 minutes. It takes sooo long because I have to be SO very careful not to suck up any baby fish.

Then I feed them, then I have to syphon again a few hours later, then I feed again, then syphon again...

Oh my goodness LOL LOL. They basically have a continual supply of food, but in order to keep the food supply at all times in there, I need to be constantly cleaning out the food that is a couple of hours old before I add more......

I cannot imagine if I had hundreds of fry.......

I love it though.

I am in NO way complaining. I am so HAPPY that I have little baby fish. I just thought I'd share about how much work it REALLY is, for those interested in breeding. Because there is no way I would have ever imagined that the babies could possibly require this much care.

I read that they need to eat 3 times a day, morning noon and night, and do they ever..... :thud

They are growing though, and I am very excited!!!! Wahooo.


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thats right

they do take some effort to take care of

much more than adult goldfish

you need to clean regularly

because if you don't algae may form and

they can get stuck onto them

usually the algae forms on the plants so beware

also don't overfeed them

that is highly likely for newbies

thats why i prefer powder foods

i can add small amounts and monitor them

to see if they are eating

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