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Bottom Sitting After Released Eggs


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My calico released eggs last night .I have three goldfishes in the 60 gals tank. They're all ate most of the eggs. So today i came home from work my calico bottom sitting in the corner .Not really active at all.She always the most active one in the tank.So i did a 70% w/c.Still havn't feed them yet .i think they might be full b/c the eggs they ate last night.

Is she may be tired?

Last time she released eggs 6 weeks ago.She wasn't bottom sit like this time.

Any advice?

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well you need to giv us readings of your nitrate level,ammonia levels, ph etc.

plz give us some more info and I'm sure a mod will come sooner or later and give you some advice.

Because it may be nothing to do with the eggs. MORE INFO would help though.... :)

post back soon

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