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I Can't Take Anymore! (literally!)


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It's official.

I can no longer go to my LPS.

Every time I walk in I find at least 3 fish I need to rescue!

They got a new shipment of goldfish in from last time I was there. The tanks were stocked with a variety of beautiful, lovely, very sick goldies.

Ick in all the bubble eyes tanks

Fin rot and dropsy in with the pearlies

One of the orandas had several dead fish covered in what looked to be a fungus.

The ranchus were tattered and torn like they'd swum through a turbine.

According to the attendant they just got in yesterday (not long enough to develop all these problems) and she assured me they would be treated (after I pointed out all the sick fish to her--she seemed shocked when I first mentioned it--no surprise there).

I encouraged her to call their supplier and complain.

But. . .

I just couldn't resist taking a few pick of the litters, in spite of (or because of) the horrible state of the fish. . .(they never last very long at any of the local stores)

(Don't panic! They are in quarantine, upping the salt as we speak).

sooooooo. . . .

I gotta lionhead, I gotta lionhead, I gotta lionhead, hey hey hey hey

And, I gotta pealie, I gotta pearlie, I gotta pearlie, hey hey hey hey (repeat the second line twice)

Here they are. I posted under the disease section for any advice about treatment. In the meantime, please everyone, squeal over how darling they are (like I did!)

Here are my first two picks. Yes, the pearlie's eye is just as blue as it appears


Here they are again. Is this really a long-finned lion head, like I suspect? (the sign on the tank said ranchu, but they looked like lion heads to me, and most had long tail fins.)


One more of the lionhead (Isn't he handsome? How could I possibly resist!?)


Here's the baby I couldn't leave behind (even though he puts me over my 1 goldfish per 10 gallons status quo. Looks like I'll be stealing more tanks. . .*sigh*)



No lectures please!

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