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Guest jimluntz

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Guest jimluntz

Dear Goldfish People:

I have an open large pond with a large fiiltration system that keeps the water very clear, and Goldfish healthy. I live in Port Saint Lucie Florida, our pond has about 22 Goldfish that I have raised from feeder fry over a two year period. Temperatures (ambient) have ranged between 95 f and 34 f during this period. My fish have seemed to thrive. I feed them twice daily. My only problems have been Raccoons which raided my pond until I found and employed a humane trap to catch and relocate these "Goldfish Predators".

As I live on the Intracoastal Waterway, I have a constant parade of waterfowl, to include Osprey, many Hawks, Eagles and assorted waterfowl who have never disturbed our Goldfish.

I ask for two support issues: feedback; as so many of you have Goldfish in an acquarium and indoor environment, secondarily; will I ever have naturally growing Goldfish fry? My pond is very well planted and large and I would hope that eggs could be laid and some fry survive. Your thoughts please.


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