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Ammonia In The Tap Water

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Hello all,

I recently moved from San Bernardino, CA to Moreno Valley, CA. Only about a half hour away from each other. Hank, my oranda, made the trip very well - no problems.

I have a 20 gallon tank that has been set up for over a year, I have one 3" oranda in it. It has 40 gallons of filtration, I use Prime wc.

Nitrates 10

Nitrite 0

pH 7.5

Ammonia .25

Temp 68-70

Water is hard, city water.

The ammonia readings out of the tap are .25 in Moreno Valley, this is new to me. I read somewhere that the ammonia can be present but may take too long to detoxify (turn in to Nitrate) and it could hurt my fish. He seems to be doing fine and I went to the store and got Amquel+ for him. My question is this, how long can he survive in water that is .25 out of the tap?

He really amazed me at how well he made this trip, I'm shocked he didn't get Ick. In my haste to set his tank up and get water in it asap, the temperature went way down and the change in pH from San Berdo to Moreno Valley was scary.

Thanks in advance, any tips on dealing with the ammonia will be appreciated.

Teri and Hank

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I often have that much or more ammonia out of the tap. When my tank (a 20 gallon with a 3" comet) was cycling it made me very nervous, but I found that Prime would detoxify up to 0.8 mg/L of ammonia for 24 hours. After that you can re-dose with prime to keep it non-toxic. Now that I'm fully cycled, I still use Prime with my water changes, and my cycle seems to take care of the ammonia within a day. If you do something like a 50% water change, 0.25 ammonia will dilute to half that much your tank, which a strong cycle should be able to take care of.

Did the cycle in your tank survive the move? I see you have nitrates, but it's possible that they have come from the tap water too. I would test the tap water for nitrates, and keep checking the tank to see if the ammonia is going down.

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