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Recurrent Dropsy


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Hi, I haven't posted for a while as everythings been settled and going according to plan.... or rather that WAS the case. About 6 months ago I lost my Lemonhead Oranda "Pearl" to dropsy.... I'd taken her to the local Aquarian Vets to be certain and she prescribed a course of meds.. (???) and she picked up then a couple of weeks after died. Now every 6 weeks to 2 months I have had a fish die from Dropsy.

Obviously I have got an endemic situation and I don't know what I should do to solve the issue.

Readings as done this morning are.

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0.5?

ph 7.5

ph tap 7.5

Drop test kit, (though I'm told they aren't very reliable!)


tank size 190lt

Fluval tank with as bought filters.

50% watre change weekly

5 fish at present all under three inches

I use Amquel +

Been feeding Hikari, frozen Brine Shrimp, Daphnia, Bloodworms, Peas

No new fish since 8 weeks ago

Melafix added to treat little 'pimple' on another

Behaviour.... Dropsied fish has been sluggish and is now bottom sitting... not looking happy as have others when they've got to this stage

I asked my local Fish shop, who are excellent and he says I should empty the tank, clean every thing and start the set up from scratch. He's offered me a tank in the store to keep my fish in in the meantime. He's really good like that!

What do I do .... is it neccessary to sterilize the tank? How do I go about that... i

is there anything I could be doing to prevent the recurrence of the Dropsy. I feel terrible buying new fish only for them to get diseases and die

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Yeah, you're going to have to scrub and disinfect everything unfortunately. Are you quarantining new fish before you add them to your tank? That might account for the reoccurrances , one dies you add another fish it was sick, it spreads the disease around, and the cycle starts over. I hope it gets sorted out, I can only imagine how frustrating this has to be, keep your chin up!

Sorry, forgot to add that there's a pinned thread on how to disinfect a tank in the tanks and equipment section.

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Thanks for the replies.

I'll check out the pinned thread....

Unfortunately I haven't been quarantining the newbies... I haven't room for the Quarantine tank.... well I have but only in the cellar.... it's unfeasible, really cold down there!!!

I'll get on the case, and buy a Quarantine tank too.... hopefully I can put an end to it this week....!

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