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Amano Tank Attempt

El Pez

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I posted this in the tropical section but i'll add it here too. I recently decided to trim all the moss off the logs in my goldfish tank as it was taking over the tank and i was left with a small bucket of the stuff. I decided that i would try to create an Amano style tank (complete with amano shrimp haha). Anyways after a couple days of trying to create a moss wall and use that as the bottum of my tank and failing at it i decided to try and just weight down the moss with some of the gravel in the tank and a few well placed rocks. I was just wondering if anyone has ever tryed this or if you think it will work or not. I'm concerned the moss won't grab on to anything and just float around. Also, I'm concerned that I won't be able to vacuum the bottum due to its lack of hold to the bottum. The tank has about 11 tetras (neon/glowlight) and 2 amano shrimp and a ghost shrimp. I'm hoping the moss will fill out the bottum and start growing upwards. Pictures are coming.

What do you think?

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That looks great! I'm thinking I should do that with my moss... If you get a good photo, make sure you submit it for the Tank of the Month contest.

In my experience, it can take the moss a while to become firmly attached, but eventually it will wrap around the gravel.

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