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Salt Dosages


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Day 1: 12 tsp of salt, 1tsp per gallon.

Day 2: 3 buckets emptied, i.e 45 litres, each bucket is is 15litres, 5ltr = 1 gallon

Added 3 tsp of salt per new bucket in, 3 tsp of salt per 15ltr

Day 3: Removed 2 buckets, i.e 30 ltrs, replaced with 6tsp of salt.

Question is, what salt percentage am I at? I'm trying to keep to 0.1% and then remove it to rid the water of parasitic fin rot guys.

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To bring your salt to .1% dissolve 1 teaspoon (5ml) of salt for each gallon of water. To figure out your pattern so far is a little tricky. My guess is that you are around .1%

One thing though 4 litres= 1 Us gallon for the salt formula of KoKo's to work. Actually 3.79 litres = 1 US gallon but 4 litres is close enough for this matter. You can get technical if you want but I find if measuring your salt in litres do with the 4 litres = 1 Gallon. You would be surly safe that way.

I would do 100% water change and start over. Then when you remove water from the tank add back the salt from what you take. Also when you do a 100% wc try and measure your actual gallonage of your tank. Unless you have already done that.

Hope this helps

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