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A Qt (disease?) Question


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So unfortunately my newest fish Sargent the little calico ryukin didn't make it, it's been a couple of days but I just couldn't bear to post it, I had become rather attached to him. He didn't have any signs of disease, was eating fine though was much slower at getting food his tail was tiny and he couldn't swim as fast as the red cap (Goya) he was with. I can't figure out why he died. The params were great, I seeded the QT tank with my main tank the params are currently

Ammo 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 20

Ph 7

I guess my main question is does this mean I should extend the QT time on Goya the remaining fish? I did a large water change but that's it. The tank was salted to .01% during the first two weeks but they showed no sign of any problems so I discontinued that. Goya seems fine and has been in QT for 6 weeks next Monday. Any input here?

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Don't often see you in this section Maceo :)

I'm sorry about the little one. Perhaps he had some lingering non infectious thing, like irreparable damaged organs. Without any symptoms at all, not even bloating at the end, its very hard to say.

I think you have done a long enough QT to cover Goya. But you will need to watch closely the other fish in the tank that you add Goya to. He may have resistance to this if it was a sudden bacterial thing. (I think if it was parasitic you would def have had some signs- bottom sitting, flashing etc).

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Thanks so much. Your right I have been very fortunate (knock on wood) lately the guys have been really healthy, I totally attribute that to good food, under stocking, water changes and my Koko's friends' infinite knowledge of course!

I will keep an eye on Goya, for the next week and make absolutely sure everything is fine with him (10 gallons is much easier to treat than 55 gallons!) and keep a close eye on the main tank when he's added.

It was just really strange with Sargent he was seemingly fine and then dead the next morning. Maybe it was some kind of organ under development that occurred and he started to grow and they couldn't keep up? He was really teeny when I got him. I dunno, poor guy.

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