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Where Can I Get This?!

Guest Aquarium guy

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Guest Aquarium guy

hi, ive recently been thinking of getting m betta a new tank because his eclipse is a little hard to clean, yes its still going ot be a 5gallon so dont worry

ive been researching a little and found this picture of this 5 gallon betta tank


anybody know what kind of tank this is? where can i get it? dont worry about the filtration and whatever because im going to get that too. its 5 gallons because the website says it is. where can i find it and what is it? thnx alot.

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also if you get tank like that you will still need a lid or a hood. Bettas are known as jumpers and I have heard many of stories of bettas jumping out of the tank and their owners coming home to find them dried up on the floor. I have also heard stories of them jumping from unlidded containers during water changes

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