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I Got Her In The Mail This Morningggggg

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Ohhh my gawd!! I love her, she is like the ultimate crazy-facy goldfish!! I often looked at the "Celestial pom pom" entry on our store's fish sheet and wondered what that must look like...now all my questions have been answered!!

Beautiful feesh!

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Guest Kalei's Chubby

Are Celestials harder fish to look after? My boyfriend got one a while ago, and it was just so weak because of its body shape I believe that it couldn't stay away from the filter. We tried everything including putting netting around the filter to make it easier for him to fight his way off it. But during the night he got caught against it and was too weak to swim back off of it.

Is that the breed of the fish, or you think the pet store gave him a weak fish?

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