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And he said "don't worry I would make sure that your koko's friends took them in. Calm down, I would find a way to give SunshineGurl a tank and some of the fish, send some to Kathy..... etc".. LMAO

Good answer Shane!

That is soooo funny..but a very good answer Shane..*pat on ur back*.. :D

That's true....

OH god! I am gonna have so many fry I won't know what to do with myself...........



LOL...this reminds me of a very funny picture my bf painted the other day..I just said very soon we ll have to get a bigger tank for the gurls..a 55 maybe...and he goes on..oh sure lets bring bigger and bigger tanks...I ll do one thing..pack everything up..and sit in tht corner...eat..sleep everything in tht one corner..and we can have fish tanks all over the place...and I said YUP thts the plan...LOL...its really funny...

and Chikoo is still laying eggs too...do these gurls ever stop making eggs???..I guess Chikoo laid her 5th set of eggs...

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Oh you think it's funny now Kath.. Just wait! Until I go crazy from all the baby fish and Shane has to lock me up in a mental home... Guess who gets the fishies!!!!????

They are ALL yours then! So you better have a word with my new babies, and tell them to lay off the egg laying LOL Unless you are prepared to inherit all my tanks/fish RiGHT NOW LOL

I actually think I know why they are doing this.

The heater in their tank was looking weird.. The coils were looking similar to those of a blow dryer which has been overworked and the coils get all red. SO I switched the heater to a new one. The new heater is reliable, but it's temp settings are off a bit... On the lowest setting, it maintains a temp of 74 -75. They had been used to my tank temps of 70-71. And its possible before they were with me, they had even lower temps.. I'm guessing they think it's SPRING!!! Hurley is relentless.. He is SUCH a butt chaser. But the good news is, he isn't too agressive, and he doesn't limit his chasing to just one fish. He chases them all, so it doesn't seem like he is just relentlessly pursuiubg one of them.. No one seems bothered by it, but me with the eggs!! LOL

Now, now, I agreed to taking them if you kicked the bucket, not if you just went loopier than usual, rofl! 149.gif

Love the heater theory. Only I don't use them so can't use that for my bunch, lol.

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Now, now, I agreed to taking them if you kicked the bucket, not if you just went loopier than usual, rofl! 149.gif

Oh man!! A loop-hole!

The sad thing is I ACTUALLY PMEd Kathy the other day and said "seriously, if I died would you take my goldies".

And then I went through the kokos board with Shane and pointed out Kathy B, and Jed and told him they were both in PA in case of an emergency. And then made him tell me people he has "heard of" that I would like to have my fish if something happened..

Wow, I dunno who's crazier. Me for thinking ahead like that. Or him for allowing me to talk that way LOL

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