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New Canister Filter


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Ok. So, I got this new canister filter for Christmas that just arriaved in the mail today. I really like it. It can fit up to a 100 gallon tank (mine is a 29) and at max puts out 250 gph. It also has a built in UV sterilizer. It's the "reaction model EFU-25"

But I have a couple of questions:

1: Will the UV sterilizer kill her nitrogen cycle?

2: Where does the water come back into the tank on a canister filter? Do you have to buy like, a powerhead or something?

http://www.seaquestmarine.com/JBJ_EFU_25_R...p/jbj_efu25.htm there's a link if you wanna see it and read more about it.

Please feel free to comment and answer my questions.

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YAY for you BB!

1. no the uv will not harm your cycle

2. There should be an intake and an output on the filter....2 hoses. One will suck the water in and the other replace the water into the tank.

Are you replacing an old filter or just adding this? Is your tank completely cycled now?

What is the water turn per hour on your filter you have now, and what is it on the new one?(if it is exactly the one on the page 198 gph).

Remember you need 10 times gph as tank gallon size for goldies. Which is why I am asking. You may want to leave the old filter on there too. (Am I bumming you out?) Sorry. Never too much filtration for goldies! :)

20 gallon gold fish tank = 200 gph....see what I mean...bumming you out.

Anyway, you would want to maintain your bb's anyway.

Post back so I can be more of a pain! ;)

Oh did I say congrats on the new filter!

Ok you have a 29 gall tank..re-read..sorry! What other filter do you have now? You may just want to add the new one. keeping you bb's intact and creating more filtration. I know I am a pain....don't you love me!! ;)

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Haha thanks Newbiefishgirl. Yeah, I was mistaken. It is 198 gph.

But I believe it's ok for a canister filter to be a little less than 10 times the tank size. That seems like alot. I have a power filter on now and it does the job. But my mindset is that since canister filtration is wayyy more involved than just power filtration, it's expected that the water output in gph be a little less. Quality rather than quantity as I always say. :)

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Ok. So I cleaned out the new canister filter and set it up, so it's running in my bathtub at the moment. Perfectly functional except for one thing. The starter pump thing broke off in shipping, so I can't start a siphon without it being totally full. And something to do with air bubbles. It's running fine now. What should I do? Ship it back and get a new one? It seems like an easy thing to get by, but I'm just checking.

Also, if I should keep it, when should I put it in Fiona's tank? I'm gonna keep the other filter in there on medium power as well, so her cycle isn't shocked like it would be if I removed the filter altogether. Should I add the filter tonight? It's been running in the bathtub for an hour or so.

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