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6mth Update On My Fry (are They Chaning Colour?)

Guest robert_brunning

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Guest robert_brunning

Hi everyone,

Well I thought id give an update on my first 6mths of raising fry.

I now have 8 Large Comets and Two Koi Carp inside in my tank. I also have 40 Comets upstairs in a very large bath because I ran out of space to keep them in tanks. Its to cold to put them outside now so I decided to over winter them inside and move them out when the water heats up in the spring.

In the past week I have notice what seems to be the first bit of colour on my comets which is very exciting. Can anyone confirm that the red in the pictures is the comet changing colour? Its happening to two of my comets out of the 8 in the tank which were the largest of the bunch approx 3 inches. The other 6 are showing no signs of colour (yet). Also the 40 in the bath tub don't appear to be changing and are approx 1-2inches.

I first saw a bit of red around the gills and now the tails of the fish are turning red. I am not sure if the fish have injured themselves or if it is a colour change? Anyway here are some photos

Fish at 3months


Comets Fins Changing Colour?



Merry Christmas


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Such cuties. I think it is the begnning of a color change. The color on the tail seems too orange and on the surface to be an injury. I would expect to see more blood red streaking in the tail for stress/injury.

I'd just say keep an eye out.

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