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Where Can I Get This?

crystal dixon

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:stop Be careful what you add to your fish tank.

Most home decor items have dyes and sealers that are dangerous to our fishy friends.

I found this buddha I am wanting...


I think if you stick with solid limestone it should be safe. :hi5

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I have that in my tank and really like it. I got it at p-e-t-s-m-a-r-t for $15 or $20. The only problem I have with it is that food and junk gets under it and you have to take it out every water change, but I can live with that. :)

Here is a picture of it in my tank.


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I absolutely love this fu dog in this aquarium picture. I have searched and searched the internet and I can't find one. Has anyone seen these around and know where I can get one? Here is the pic


You may want to check with Jed. She had a few ornaments similar to the one you're looking for. She may have an idea.

Good luck!

Ed :)

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