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Helloe again everyone, last time I asked for help here, it was for Ninja, my black moor again and his cloudy eyes/finrot. His cloudy eyes havnt dissapeared but he seemed back to normal and his fins were healing, but not it seems he has another problem. :/

Lately he's had a white hue to his whole body which I guessed was a thicker slime coat, but I'm not really for sure. He's still as energetic as usual and eats like a pig, but his eyes seem to have grown bigger and has a white ring, and I remember the ring being a sign of popeye. The tank still hasnt cycled and it's been over half a year and I really dont know what to do. I use Prime as my waterconditioner now in hopes to make the amonia situation better. The amonia never goes above .25 but Nitrites never form either.

Here are some pictures of him:



Ammonia: .25

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

P.H Level: About 7. I used to struggle with Looow PH, but I've been using Buff it Up from Goldfish Connection and that's helped loads.

Tank Size: 55 Gallons

Fishes: 3 Goldfish. A Common, comet, and a black moor. (I know, not the best combo, but they work well with each other)

I try to change the water every weekend. I wish I could do more but I honestly have no time anymore, especially on weekdays. It makes me feel like a bad fish owner because I can never change their water as much as they need. I'm sure that's not helping any :/

There are no meds in the tank either.

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What kind of filtration do you use???What brand and what size filter???

You say your cycle isnt complete...and that you try an change water every weekend...then how come nitrites are 0...and ammonia only 0.25 with 3 fish..??...I am puzzled...What brand and type of test kits are you using???

I see the picture..but frankly with the telescope buggy eye..I am unable to tell if your moor has popeye...

You will have to undoubtedly change the water from your tank more often..there is no excuse to that..I am really sorry...but until the water parameters are sorted out more often water changes once in every 2-3 days is essential...

Can you do a 70-80% water change right away..and then post your test results once more???

If affirmative its popeye...then you should have a spare hospital tank to treat the guy...with a good sized filter..Epsom salts (available in most drug stores)...and Metromeds from goldfishconnection....Dont start on any treatment..just keep these things ready...Let us see if someone can confirm tht he has popeye..If you could take a better shot of his eyes..tht would be helpful too...

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