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Still Problems With Orandas! :(

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The other day Samantha decided to scare the crap out of my and flip over and lay that way... I only watched her for about 10 mins cause i had to head to work, but she flipped back over when I talked to her, but when I left the room and came back, she was back upside down... (I mentioned this already on another thread).

But when I came home she was normal, and has been ever since.. Hopefully just a small constipation problem.. I have her some meaty foods the day before, then gave her spirulina flakes right when she flipped, so maybe the flakes helped clear her out.

Either way, other than the one scare, I've still got happy lil babies, great readings in the tank, and if anything improvement but certainly nothing getting worse.. Kahlua's spot is the smallest I have seen it, the split in Sam's fin is totally healed, her missing scale has regrown... Mirandas spot still looks milky white but she's not acting strange at all so I am gonna keep on letting nature take it's course.

Hopefully some pics today.. last week SUCKED!


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You do too much you realize this don't you?!!! :D

I am glad things are looking up! Too much Drama I tell ya!

Waiting for pics.

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