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My Fry Are Now 6 Months Old!


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Well, remember back in April when my Roxanne and Roman spawned? I got four fry out of that spawn. Lost one to cull (poor baby was growing deformed) and one to a filter accident, but the other two are still going strong! The two that survived were dubbed "Big Boy" and "Scaredy Cat #2." The last time I posted pics of them, they were hardly bigger than my pinky fingernail.

Taken May 30th. Big Boy is on the bottom left, Scaredy Cat on the top right.


They just had their first half-birthday on Oct. 24th, and are getting huge! They are also just starting to lose their fry color. :D I finally did name them, and some of you will be pleased to know that I broke with my naming scheme this time (no more names starting with 'R').

Let me introduce you to Sonic and Tails! The one named Tails has a BEAUTIFUL butterfly tail, hence the name, and then Sonic just logically followed because of the classic Sega video game. :P

Sonic (formerly Big Boy) is on the top; Tails (formerly Scaredy Cat) is on the bottom.


Sonic top; Tails bottom.


Tails left; Sonic right.


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Any idea what they're gonna look like when they get older? (color, shape, disposition = D) Judging by their parents you probably have a pretty good guess. I'm so happy for you! Growing your own goldfish fry is certainly an accomplishment, and having them live this long and healthy is an amazing feeling I bet :unsure: . Well good luck :D

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Their mother is part oranda for sure-- she might be full-blooded, but her wen just refuses to grow, which leads me to believe she's a mix. She's a lemonhead.

The dad is a fantail, orange.

Here's a pic:


In other words, who knows what they'll look like!

Thanks everyone for the compliments.

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