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Second 55 Gallon - Finally Set Up

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Wow, super nice! I love that spiky grass! It's so hip! Can't wait to see it with its new fishies :)
nice set up

so original

Thanks Chloeheartsfish and FishCrazy! I like the grass too. I have enough to put in the 75 gallon as well as soon as I get suction cups. It's fine enough and soft enough that it won't hurt Tuck if he blunders into it.

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Lovely...where did you get that grass?

Thanks Amy! I got it at WallMart. I get most of my stuff there.

And I've changed who goes in the big tank. I ended up moving the fry into it instead. I was sitting here looking at them when it suddenly hit me that they are growing fast and nine of them in the 29 gallon was not going to fly much longer if I wanted them to continue growing and be healthy. So I figure the 55 should give them enough room now until they are big enough to take to the LFS that is going to take them. I will just move Moccha Joe into the 29 once he's out of quarantine until the babies go, then he can have the 55. Goblin goes into the 75 with the other Oranda's. Then I can go ahead and take down the 30 gallon like I want to. I plan on leaving the 29 running as it is my "source" tank and has some live plants as well as all my extra Mystery Snails in there. I may put a divider in there and move both Betta's in as well and take their small tanks down. Haven't quite decided on that one yet.

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