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Rip Kallie

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On top of my sister's betta dying under my care and Casper dying all in one week, I have also lost Kallie.

Kallie had a habit of sqeezing herself into the smallest possible spots in the tank. I'd usually notice that she was missing and quickly find her. I had removed everything that I thought she would try to squeeze herself into, but I guess I didn't think of everything.

Yesterday I noticed that she wasn't hovering around the tank with the others while waiting for dinner. I didn't really think of it as unusual. I skip feeding my fish every few days since Lenny has lots of problems with SBD, so I hadn't noticed that she was missing. I got really concerned today and started searching the tank. I moved a rock next to a peice of driftwood and up floated Kallie. She was pretty decomposed, she had probably died a few days ago. She must have wedged herself between the rock and driftwood and wasn't able to get out. I feel so horrible!! I've been extremely busy lately so I didn't even think to make sure that all of the fish were ok.

Kallie was my favorite. I was waiting for her to get nice and fat so that she could have some pretty babies with Ozzy. :'( She had a great little personality. She would come greet me when I passed the tank and "talk" to me. The tank won't be the same without her.

I'm going to clean out some of the clutter in my tank so that no one else can get stuck anywhere.







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