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Guest baygentst

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Guest baygentst

Hi i have a 55 gallon tank with

1 giraffe cichlid

and 6 other random ones.

Anyhow, my giraffe male (5") bred with another cichlid and has become incredibly aggressive when he was normally calm as can be. I am thinking im going to seperate the female from the general population, to a breeder tank, will this calm the male down or will he continue to be aggressive to the other fish? How can i calm him down? I dont even really want more cichlids because i dont have the room. Right now the male is seperated via a plastic screen but still wants to lock jaws with the other male fish (that i know of).

The tank has a few fake plants, and one large log, and oh yeah a 11" pleco.. Yeah i already know i need a bigger tank thanks, im working on finding a 90.


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