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Head And Tail Light Tetra


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Head n' Tail Lights are pretty neat. They only grow to about two inches so the "one inch of fish per gallon" rule can apply to them. However I wouldn't put anything in a tank smaller than 5.5 gallons. Technically you could put one in a one-gallon, but tetras are schooling and act very erratically or are just downright boring when alone, so it's best to get at least 6. They are also a tropical, so you'd need a heater along with your filter.

But maaaan, if you are looking at other fish and the tanks they need, pretty please look at getting your goldies the right tank first before going shopping for other fish.

A site I absolutely adore for basic info on all things fish is the Aquarium Wiki. http://www.theaquariumwiki.com/Main_Page

I mean, it's a Wiki, which means anyone can write anything, so be cautious when taking advice, but I've found the site to be an invaluable starting place for doing research on ANYTHING aquarium related!

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