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Fish On Ebay

Guest horsemadmum

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Guest horsemadmum

I didnt realise that you could buy live animals / fish on ebay...I found a company selling through there....


Check out one of the fish...If I was already in Canada I would be bidding on this one.

I think he is stunning......

What do you think???

I guess I am also asking your opinion to see if it matches mine, I would love to breed Orandas and Ryunkin when we finally get there and get settled..... :krazy: It seems to be taking forever....lol.....

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I have had quite a few fish from that seller as well, and he has really great quality fish for a reasonable price. Shipping costs, I find, are okay. That is a good price for shipping - its not only for the shipping, but bagging and such as well. And he bags really well, often in 3 bags.

Yes, there is - or used to be? :unsure: - the rule about not selling live animals on ebay, but I feel that responsible sellers should be given the right to do so. There are plenty out there who are responsible, and equally many who are not. I would in general stay away from those who offer shipping at a lower price - the airline fees in general alone are so high that a low shipping price seems unrealistic to me. Often, the quality of the packaging lacks, and that can only mean disaster and dead fish in the end. I'd rather pay a few extra $$, and have a live fish in the box. :)

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