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Cooper Has A Roommate!


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Cooper, my "Black" Oranda (the lone survivor from the 3 I bought a little while back), is doing great. The only thing was that he(?) is SO shy! Each time I approached the tank he would zip over behind this artifical plant.......which was kinda funny as he would get behine the stem & be like a little kid thinking he was invisible when he was TOTALLY visible!! :rolleyes:

Anyway I decided that since he is getting along well I would place Ozzy (the Black Moor baby) in with him! I hoped it would help him feel more secure & get over the shyness! IT SEEMS TO HAVE WORKED!! They are playing together & when I come over Ozzy comes to the front & Cooper is kind of following!!

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How wonderful! I found the same thing happened when I added my second ryukin to my main tank. My guys love each other! It seems like they like to mirror each other even. When Dragon nibbles on something as soon as he is done Phoenix goes over and starts his nibbling! It's so adorable! It's so interesting how even in small groups they display some semblance of school attributes!

Wow, I used a lot of exclamation points.....!!!!!!! I must be excited this morning!

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