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Sick Fish

Guest tgrizz

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[*]Test Results for 10/21/08

[*]Amonia level .25 mg/l

[*]Nitrite Level <.3 mg/l

[*]Nitrate level

[*]Ph Level, Tank 6.75 (KH 2dH, GH 5dH chloramines)?

[*]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)?

[*]using Tetra test Laborett, drops

[*]Water temperature 78

[*]Tank size 29gal running for 8 months?

[*]Emperor 280

[*]2 air stones

[*]I change 1/3 of water every 1 to two weeks and 1/2 of water every 3 months

[*]3 fish in tank, Fancy Golfish 5", Oranda 4", Ryukin 4"

[*]Seachem Prime only

[*]I feed sinking Omega One pellets, Floating Hikari Oranda Pellets and Omega One Flakes

[*]Any new fish added to the tank- no?

[*]Any medications added to the tank- no?

[*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus-yes?

[*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.- no?

I came home the other day after being away for 24hours and found my Ryukin floating near the filter. She had frayed fins, reddish bruises around the fins and back and a bit of gunk all over. I quarantined her for 24 hours (in a large fishbowl with air-i know, i know) and she came right back to her old self. Well almost except for the frayed fins and weak body now. Today I just noticed in the main tank my oranda has cloudy fins and a bit of white stuff around the gills. I did put the Ryukin back in the main 29 gal tank for more room and hopefully better water. It recently got a bit cold here in Florida, 65 degrees and i did not have a heater in the tank. There is one now set at 76. Any do's or don'ts would be appreciated. I just did a 1/4 water change today. They were very healthy right up until this incident. Thanks all.

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I am no expert on diagnosis, but I do have a few suggestion to help until someone more experienced gets here.

Firstly, it is recommended that in goldfish tanks there is at least a 50% water change every week. It is also strongly recommended that you do a 100% water change once a month.

Your pH is rather low but as long as it is steady that can be addressed later.

I would suggest doing a large water change immediately with dechlorinated pH and temperature matched water. By large I mean 50-75% at least.

It seems like I suggest this a lot but healthy water gives your fish the best possible environment to get better in. And you can't add any meds until the water parameters are pristine (ie. nitrItes/ammonia 0ppm and nitrAtes <20ppm) I'm not quite sure what ppm is in mg/l but 0 is 0 no matter what the measure is.

Hope this helps for now. Someone will be along soon to help in more detail.

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I was just about to respond (actually started typing and then got a phone call) and when I got back to the comp Ryukin Girl already answered, with the exact thing I was going to say... So I 100% agree with her suggestions! : )

The water needs to be addressed before anything else just like she said, and then if there are still problems, we can go from there..

Also, have you changed out your filter media, or maybe rinsed the filter media out recently? (using something other than tank water?). The fact that you are seeing any ammonia and nitrites makes me question whether something has disrupted your cycle... That mixed with the Ph being on the lower side, makes me wonder if it's all related.. often when you see a Ph crash you will see a rise in ammonia, and problems with the fish..Has your PH been this number consistently?

And finally, can you get a nitrate test, and test your tap water PH?

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this was the first time in a long time my ph dropped. it was usually 7 and my ammonia was usually 0. i did just rinse out my marineland filter with tank water last week. i also did a 75 percent water change when i added plastic and silk plants about a month ago because i noticed more than usual white pieces of gunk in the gravel/rocks

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Your mentioning the gunk on the fish and the fact that the tank was in the 6's made me think pH crash first. Since you have slight readings for ammonia and nitrite you look to be having some water issues which will produce these symptoms and can initiate a pH crash. After the large change you just did I would focus on stabilty for a while. I mean -stable pH and stable temperature. You should also probably salt the tank to 0.2% to help the fishes gills which seem to have suffered from a possible recent nitrite and pH problem.

Nice fish and welcome to kokos!

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so far so good, only changed 25% of water. i didn't want to upset the balance too much. the ryukin looks better. i really believe it may have been a drastic drop in temperature that day. from 78-68. put in a bit of salt and things are going well. i will check the water this weekend and most likely do a water change again. thanks for the quick response again. new pics will be coming.

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To all that helped, my Ryukin is doing much better. The whole family is doing fine. I guess when the temperature dropped my ph dropped as well. I did water changes and even added a little bit of baking soda to raise the ph before stabilizing the water parameters. I also added a bit a salt for better health and everything seems to be fine now. I finally updated my pics from the water condo.

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