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My Sweet Babies...


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this is my sweet little oranda :wub: .i call her miracle.this is the one i saved yesterday with the help of pixiefish`s post...my sweet gal is a true fighter,can any one say Wat grade is it and how is she?




these are my two male pearl scale fishes and small redcap oranda fry...

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thanks...i bought a 50 gallon tank.but still in not enough for ma gf....i hav 4(20,12,10,45)and two 5 gallon plastic tub.....in 45 i kept 16 of my 2 inchis....n they r really doing well.ma dad is bit mad at me he said not to buy anymore.... :(


wats rubbermaid?

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Very Beautiful fish Fish king !!!..Good luck on Upgrading !!..your hard work and up grade will pay off!!..this Pic Is a rubbermaid tub They make great Temporary homes (or fulltime),hospital tanks,Q tanks ..I use them and it is always a good Idea To wrap bungi cords or rope around them for extra support :)


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