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Black Moor &pearlscale....


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these r my male pearl scale and female black moor :wub: ....i m keeping it in a 7gallon :ignore plastic tub for hoping that i could get some nice black pearl scale or calico pearl scale or blackamoor with pearl scale or telescope with pearl scale :r030: ...i m changing the water daily.but i dont see my pearlscale run after it :( .it i put some other female it runs after it.again when i put my male black moor with this female it runs after the female.as i know a bit bout the sex of goldfih i m pretty much sure that pearl scale is male coz i tried to hand spwan it milt comes out.and theres bit white thing in the grill fin...n black moor is female coz the anal area is not like the male its bit small tumar like...so i m bit tense will they gonna pair up or not...i m feeding them blood worms and my gel food.....all r high in protin.....so wat i need to do more.plz help



ps.i know the tub is bit small but i dont have any other.coz all my tanks r full

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My honest opinion is that these fish are to young to breed...The female looks like shes about 2-3 years old...this may be one reason your not getting anything...how long have you had them?

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wow..thanx a lot koko.today i took many pics of my fishes that y too much excited lol....i will try my best to make them big than get babis from them thanx agan :hug

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