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Poor Little Leo The Golden Dojo Loach

Guest luster4

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Guest luster4

Ok, we were putting in a tank divider for one of my male bettas, and Leo got trapped in the wrong end. My tank is on top of a chest of drawers, and as i tried to net him up, he jumped out of the tank and down the back of the drawers... My tank weighs a good 25st and i couldn't risk moving out the chest of drawers in case it collapsed, and then i would've lost ALL of my fish, it was horrible, we tried so hard to get him out, but in the end we had to admit defeat...I hated myself, i had to sit there, knowing he'd survive longer than a normal fish, and i could hear him flopping about, and then all of a sudden, he stopped. Dead. The tank is in my bedroom, and i had to lay there, knowing his lifeless body was just laying there. And it was all my fault. My boyfriend and my mum did everything they could to stop me crying, but Leo the Loach and Oreo the Oranda were my most treasured fish, now its just Oreo the Oranda. I took Leo's loss rather badly. The next day, my boyfriend and i drained the tank so we could move the chest of drawers, when we found Leo it broke my heart, he was as stiff as a board, his once beautiful golden body was completely black, and he was covered in fluff. My boyfriend wrapped his body in a cloth and took him away, i burst into tears. :cry1

But at least i can learn from this, i've put a bit of wood behind the tank, so if anything does get down there, i at least know they wont get trapped underneath the chest of drawers again...


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