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Lopsided Ranchu

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Hi all,

I ordered in a couple Calico Ranchus at the shop where I work (I'm newly in chage of ordering all the fish, oh god) and promptly FELL IN LOVE WITH THEM. I am sad that I cannot scoop them up and take them home as my tank still needs a stand and won't be ready for fish for at least another month :(

One of them is great, wiggling around with all the other fish in the tank, but one seemed a little off. I'll see if I can get a pic of him today but basically, he looked a little "warped" - he kinda looked like a healthy fish would if they were trying to turn in the tank, but he is stuck like that. His back is a little curved to the side, and his belly is rounder on one side more than the other. He doesn't swim very energetically, but he tries. Is this a consequence of shipping (he came all the way from Hong Kong to the middle of Canada) and of being in an over crowded space or poor nutrition? With enough room and good food, will he be set to rights again? Or is this a breeding fault that will never correct itself?

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