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Return Of Corner Tank


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I got my old corner tank back from my brother plus some fish :P I gave it to him as a housewarming present but now he's heading overseas for a while. To make room I had to take down the chinese new tank which I had http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=66829

Size - 120 to 140 litres (When moving it filled up 2 x 60 litre bins and then some)

Fish - 1 x celestial, 1 x bubble eye, 1 x black moor, 1 x ryukin, 2 x red caps, 2 x pearscales, 4 x lionheads (The pearscales and lionheads were my fish to begin with)

Filtration - 1 x Ehiem 2213, 1 x Jaqno 301 (From researching the net I believe that Jaqno seems to be a popular brand from Japan)

The tank is overstocked so I tried to compensate with the extra canister filter. So far its been running for almost 3 weeks. The water is crystal and all fishies are very happy. These pics were taken in the first week. I'll post some more recent pics when i get a chance




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Lovely tank and gorgeous fish -

HOWEVER.... I have to say that your tank holds only 36gals at the most - so with 12 fish you are seriously overstocked (by about x4) and will be headed for trouble sooner or later.

Is there anyway you can split them up so that they have at least 10gals (37/8 litres) each?

At the moment there is not enough space for their organic load to be sufficiently processed; the bacterial count and growth inhibitor hormones will escalate very quickly and you will run into bacterial problems and growth stunting very quickly.

But the most immediate thing to watch for will be a giant ammonia spike as the new and old filters struggle to expand to the new and very big load. Try to feed very sparingly and test the water every day to protect them against ammonia and nitrite.

Let us know how things progress :D

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:exactly on Pixie's suggestion above

Very nice shots tho! Your fish are beautiful for sure.

goldfish1997, 120 liters is 31.7 gallons, while 140 liters is 36.98 gallons.

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