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New Babies With White Poo

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ok...thought i disenfected tank... one day later white poooo from baby fish..yes they munch on EVERTHING!

medicated food or marycyn2

same time, still trying to figure out if food meds ok 20 days after a 30 day course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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0 amm

0 no2

5-10 no3

ph 7.4

20 gall

no noticeable signs of anything other than white poo

I put these I guys in my qt tank...well to qt

was going to start salting tank, then treat with prazi when i notice the white poo

2 new orandas about an inch (maybe)

in tank filter

anything else??

and yes I am a spaz, i just cannot seem to help it

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Well just slow down, cowboy!

So these fish are new? And you're QT'ing them, right? So, stress can cause white poop - unless there are any other indications of internal infection just continue the QT routine with salt and Prazi and watch them.

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