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Tropical Tank Pics!

Guest Megan Steele

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Guest Megan Steele

Sorry I was just testing with that pic, here are the rest of them:

So my tank is finally cycled and I got some fish!! So here are the pics of my new set up!! I hope everyone likes! Enjoy!


My 20 Gal


Mickey Mouse Platy


White Mickey Mouse Platy


Red Wag Platy


Blue Guppy and Balloon Belly Molly(Buda)


Yellow Guppy


Neon running away from the camera


A few of my Zebra Danios and my yellow guppy in the background

My Rubberlip Pleco



The rest of the pics are my golden mystery snail





I am looking for names for my 2 guppies, pleco, and my snail, so if anyone has any ideas for names, please post them!!! Thanks!!

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Very nice piccies! Thanks so much for sharing!

As far as names, quite a few people name their snails Gary because of the Sponge Bob craze. I'm guilty of that myself, my first two were a golden named Gary (who turned out to be female) and a blue named Blue.

The Plec looks like a Frank to me. I don't know why, but that is what springs to mind.

You could call your blue guppy Azul (Spanish for blue) and the yellow one Amarillo (Spanish for yellow).

Those are my suggestions, good luck with picking names. :)

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