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To Zap Or Not To Zap?


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My newly cleaned pool-pond is slowly turning green with new algae growth. We have had fairly typical October weather here, perhaps slightly warmer, and I don't know if the algae will continue to flourish when the really cold weather sets in. The water temp is still well above 50 degrees, so I am feeding those 100+fish of mine mostly wheat germ-based food and wheat germ (Kretchmer's brand) itself. BTW, the pool-pond is in full sun for most of the daylight hours.

I'm not sure if I should zap the pool with Algae-Fix to kill the algae now or wait until the Spring (if then). I suspect the fish eat the algae during the Winter months and need it. Perhaps, the algae also goes dormant in the Winter and won't aggressively expand until Spring rolls around.

Advice invited.



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